Best Paragliding Tips for Beginners in Malaysia

Best Paragliding Tips for Beginners in Malaysia

Have you ever dream to have wings and fly in the sky? If yes, paragliding is your kind of sport to fulfill your live long childhood dream. Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying. Paragliding cost is high as you will need to get a license and equipment. However, once you are being certified professional, you only need to pay for flying.

Tandem Paragliding

For a start, beginners can try tandem paragliding whereby two people can fly at the same time using one tandem wing to get a feel of freedom flying in the sky. As a beginner, you can get professional advice and fly with a pilot (no prior experience is needed Рthe professional pilot will brief you before the flight). Both the pilot and the passenger will each have their harness seat. The passenger will sit in front of the pilot. The pilot will control the paraglider wing where you as the passenger enjoy the flight and fly with the birds (of course enjoy the beautiful scenery). Taking off is easy and landing is done on the large grassy field. So what are you waiting for? Book a tandem flight now!

Sign Up A Paragliding Course

After the tandem paragliding which you really enjoy and want to do your solo paragliding, you can start signing up for a course. It is not easy to fly up to 7,000 meters and moreover controlling the paraglider. With your enjoyment and excitement to soar high in the sky, you need to sign up a course to acquire the skills and knowledge how to fly, safety and experience more and perhaps to be in competition (this is a sport after all).

Paragliding Clothing and Accessories

Getting the right paragliding clothing (long shirt and pants, and closed shoes) and accessories is essential. You will need a paraglider, harness, a reserve and a helmet and the right one for you. You can get advice from your professional instructor. In addition, for photography lovers, you might want to get a Go Pro to record your flying experience and bird view scenery.

Paragliding Club

Once you finished your course, it is great to find a club and fly with your friends or make new friends. Flying in a flock of birds will be more enjoyable. At the same time, you can get advice from the experience senior paragliders.

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