Paragliding Course Malaysia

Paragliding Course Malaysia

After taking your tandem paragliding flight and you feel itching to fly more? Why not take up paragliding course to be certified and fly solo in paragliding. During tandem paragliding, the pilot take care of everything while you enjoy the scenery and taking photos or videos. Why not you take charge  the next time and learn in depth of paragliding?

Pilot Training Schools in Malaysia

There are various piloting paragliding course in Malaysia. It is important to master skills and knowledge to fly safely which your instructor will closely monitor your flights even after completion.

Beginner paragliding course takes 4 – 5 days over the weekends with theory lesson and practical skills which should covers the below:

  • Theory: introduction of paragliding, introduction to equipment and basic flying technique), meteorology, air law
  • Practical: Ground handling training, packing of gliders
  • Solo flight: Once you are confident and after training on the ground, your instructor will allow you to take solo flight

Health and Fitness Requirement for Paragliding

To take up paragliding course, one need to be good health. You do not need to take any medical examination but if you are suffering from any medical condition such as epilepsy, fainting, giddiness, high blood pressure, heart condition or diabetes, it is important to get doctor’s advice.

Paragliding Course

After your course, you will have the skills to launch and land safely. At such, you need to practice more (initially after your course, you will be monitor by your instructor until you gain enough experience to launch and landing without much monitoring). Practice make perfect.

You will be certified and get a Student Identification card which identify you to paraglide at others sites. This card also include your insurance coverage.

Paragliding Course Cost

Paragliding beginner course is about RM2,800* (do contact your own respective course center for the costing and coverage of paragliding course).

Paragliding Clothing 

You will need to wear light long shirts and pants (or quick-dry clothes) with a hat/cap. Do wear a good sport shoe for good support as the course will involve lot of training. Also, do bring along sunblock as you will be under the sun the whole day.

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