Tandem Paragliding in Malaysia

Tandem Paragliding in Malaysia

For anyone who love to fly in the sky like the birds, you can try paragliding. To be specific it is best to try out tandem paragliding. It gives you the feel how it is to be flying in the sky. Some of us might have aviophobia or flying phobia. We won’t know until we take this extreme sport up in the sky.

Before you take up this sport, it is always good to give it a try as an weekend activity to get the feel and if you really like it, there is course available to take up to be a solo paragliding.

Tandem Paragliding Pilot

Due to more popularity of this sports, there are more demand to enjoy this sport/activity. Tandem paragliding is also popular in Malaysia. However, it is important to know your tandem paragliding pilot is certified. In Malaysia, the MSAF Paragliding Bureau oversee paragliding in Malaysia which include pilot and instructor training standards, provides, technical support (airworthiness standards, runs coaching courses for pilot) and providing infrastructure within Malaysia.

At such, professional tandem paragliding pilot must be a certified paragliding instructor or an assistant instructor with at least a T2 (Tandem Professional Pilot Rating). One can request to see the pilot license before starting of the tandem paragliding.

Most  of the tandem paragliding in Malaysia offers a package of paragliding with video taking during your ride (video of you and the surroundings).

Paragliding Requirement

Anyone age above 18 years old (age below 18 need to be signed by parent) and weight is around 20 –¬† 120kg for paragliding. However if ones have medical condition that may affect their ability to paraglide, they must consult with their doctor.

Paragliding Clothing and Accessories

It is important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes during paragliding. As you are joining tandem paragliding, do wear long pants and shirt and closed shoes (sport shoes). Do not wear fancy clothes and high heels or sandals as you need to be comfortable before (need to run during take off), during paragliding and landing time.

Flight Time

Paragliding flying time is around 10 – 15 minutes. Most of the pilot try their best to give as long as possible up to 30 minutes but it depends on the weather.

In Malaysia, as we do not have any seasons but the best month to fly is around Apr – Sep. This is due to Oct – Mar there is raining season which paragliding flight might be cancel due to poor weather.


As above mentioned, pilots are need to be certified. Most of the pilots are usually being insured. During tandem paragliding, in case of any injury happen, your pilots paragliding insurance will cover you as well (do check with each respective paragliding pilot to make sure you are also being insure).

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